May 21 , 2020

Our new fantastic wristwatch is listed at online auction!

Men's Skeleton Design Wristwatch fits Original Swiss vintage Longines Mechanical Movement 17 Jewels 

Have you ever heard of 'Marriage' watches? This term is used to describe a fusion of the old high-grade mechanical watch movement with a new modern high-quality case and dial. By doing that, the vintage pocket watch movement, which usually was left without a home (case) and purpose, gets a new lease of life.

This week we are offering this beautiful skeletonized men's wristwatch made on a base of original Swiss Longines mechanical pocket watch movement.

High-quality case and dial are new. The movement was skeletonized by our qualified jeweler.  

The watch keeps good time. The accuracy may vary +/- 5 mins a day, which is considered a norm for a caliber of this age. The movement was repaired and fully serviced. 

eBay auction:

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