Jun 30 , 2020

5 Main reasons for a man to wear a wristwatch!

    Men wear wristwatches


Many years back, watches were worn by almost everyone as it was the only way to monitor time. 

People used pocket watches until World War 1 when it was discovered that they are not convenient to use and wearing watches on the wrist is more effective especially during the battle.

Nowadays people can just take up their phones to check the exact time. That is why the amount of people wearing a wristwatch has significantly decreased. Some might argue that wristwatches are becoming outmoded and we would like to give you 5 reasons, why every man should wear a watch in our opinion.


1. Watches are still more convenient. 

Some people would say: I have my phone with me, I don't need a watch.
But a glance on a wrist is a quicker and much classier way to check the time (for example during the meeting or a date). There are also some occasions when you should keep your phone concealed.


2. Wristwatches are amazing accessories to finish your look. 

Some men do not accept jewelry apart from three main accessories - a pair of cuff links, a watch and a wedding ring (in the event that they're hitched).
Watches can express a lot about the personality of the wearer. For a man who prefers a prestige detail, a high-quality wristwatch can be a timeless and extraordinarily manly adornment.
Like the old saying - Boys Look at their Smartphones to Check Time – Men Look at a Watch.


3. Watches are unique pieces of craftsmanship.

A wristwatch is not just a keeper of time, but also a symbol of history and tradition of watchmaking craftsmanship. Some people do not even realize what a piece of art they are wearing on their wrist and how many weeks or even months have been spent to create their watch.
Often we hear the appreciation for mechanical movements with small parts that ultimately make the watch tick. But also the dial and the case can literally be pure art. Btw, you can have a look at our collection here.

4. Watches are functional.

The enormous advantage of a watch over a phone is how long it can operate without recharging. Most smartphones can't even last 24 hours usage. Also, there is a big variety of watches with different features available, such as chronographs, watches for diving, racing, orientation, climbing, etc.


5. A watch can be a real heirloom. 

A watch can be not only a fantastic gift but also a great heirloom. Owning a watch that has been passed through generations is a remembrance of people, who lived before you, and the story it tells.

Patek Philippe's Generations Campaign slogan was "Begin your own tradition", and that is on the grounds that their excellent watches are magnificent bits of craftsmanship that can withstand time and be gone through ages.


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