Jun 27 , 2020

An interesting fact about Zenith and our new wristwatch with Zenith vintage movement is on the auction!


This week we have presented a very high-quality and beautiful wristwatch, which was created on a base of the vintage Zenith pocket watch movement. This particular movement was made in the 1920s. Before we tell a little more about our watch, there is an interesting fact about Zenith you probably didn't know about.


Zenith vintage mechanical wristwatch Zenith vintage mechanical wristwatch


Zenith was established by Georges Favre-Jacot back in 1865 in Le Locle, a small town in Switzerland. An interesting thing is that lays claim that G.Favre-Jacot was the first one who opened a real watchmaking 'establishment', where all the parts (movements, dials, and cases) were manufactured under a single roof. Previously, the traditional method of watchmaking was that movements, cases, and dials were produced by specialists in different ateliers. Georges Favre-Jacot was just 22 years of age when he eventually revolutionized the watchmaking industry.


Georges Favre-Jacot Zenith Zenith manufacture Locle Switzerland



The mechanism we used to build up a wristwatch was found in one of the online marketplaces. It was sold without a case, but with the dial, which was not in good condition. The movement was completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and calibrated. We have created a new gold-plated engraved case. The original dial was restored and repainted.


Zenith vintage mechanical watch Zenith vintage mechanical watch


After all the parts were put together, we repaired the movement, fully serviced, and tested it.

On the example of this watch, we would like to show that our main concern is to restore a vintage timepiece (keeping original dial and case when possible) and make it usable again.


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