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Timeless Watches is a team of watch lovers creating a new story to the vintage watch mechanisms.

Timeless Watches is a team of qualified and talented watchmakers, designers, and jewelers. We deliver distinctive timepieces created on a base of vintage Swiss branded movements and designed by our team. We were founded on the belief that each vintage watch movement has its charm and soul. By restoring and giving them a new lease of life, we save the history and add uniqueness to every second that counts.

It is a timepiece that has 'married' an old original object with other original or non-original parts. In our case, we 'marry' original vintage Swiss movements (mostly from pocket watches) with new hand-crafted parts, such as cases and dials, which are designed by our team.

Swiss pocket watch movements were made by hand at the end of XIX - beginning of XX century. We can find a lot of pocket watch mechanisms in great condition from famous quality watch brands, such as IWC, Ulysse Nardin, LeCoultre, etc. Most of these movements originally were in golden cases, which were lost or sold separately.

You could say that the marriage watch is about destroying an old pocket watch. But who still wears pocket watches? Almost anyone. Unfortunately, in our digital world pocket watches are not convenient to use. In our opinion, 'marriage' can give a second lease of life and a modern twist to an old fascinating movement that was rarely used anymore. By transforming the old pocket watches, they are being recycled and turned into something new.

Creating a marriage watch is a long and exciting process. First of all, the movement is being repaired by our watchmakers. After the movement is repaired, a concept of the new case and dial are developed by our designer. We do not make replicas of the original watches, we come up with our own design.

Subsequently, case and dial are being manufactured. Once the case is ready it is covered by gold, silver or chrome. The dial is painted in enamel by hand. Next, our watchmakers assemble all the parts, do the precise installation and definitive adaptation of the movement in the new case. Finally, the watch is being fully serviced and tested.

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We deliver distinctive timepieces created on a base of vintage Swiss movements and re-designed by our team. We're confident you will love what we do as each and every watch movement we use is carefully selected and fully serviced.

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